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Is this a good deal? I am still doing my homework on MH lighting and came across this deal. Just curious if this is a good setup and if not, what needs to be changed? (125g tank). And what else would I need to complete the whole setup to make it work properly.
Limited Sale Price $95.00!!
(Regular Price $99.95)
* Finally, a retrofit kit with high quality, functional parts that you need!
* Tired of seeing those cheap kits everyone else sells? We were too, so we finally put together a MH Retrofit kit with parts and options we would actually want as aquarists. Don't throw away your hard earned $$ on cheap parts, only to have to replace them later.
* Retrofit kits includes: Universal M137 magnetic ballast, our Parabolic Reflector with a standard mogul base/mounting bracket riveted to it and grounded power cord. See ballast description below.
* Brand new items come in this kit, no flimsy parts!
* The reflector is our Parabolic Polished Aluminum Mirror reflector.
* Compare the others, and then buy the BEST!
* Pulse Start ballast. We recommend you use this on Ushio 175W 10,000K lamps.
* Note: this kit will require wiring done by a qualified electrician. We suggest purchasing 18 gauge wire to aid in installation.
* Optional: We offer High Temperature wire nuts as an option, so you know you are getting the correct ones safe for installation. High temperature wire nut connectors are rated to 302 degrees Fahrenheit. Made specifically for high wattage HID applications.
* Wiring instructions are on the ballast.
We've had a few questions about these ballasts looking "used". These ballasts are industrial grade, and thus, they are not shiny and new looking. The ballasts we sell are fresh from the factory and 100% brand new. They're not a best looking item we sell, but they are reliable HID workhorses!
Ballast Description
* Manufacturer: Universal/Magnetek
* Model # M175MLTAC3M718C / Description: 1-175W MH M57 Quad 60Hz C&C
* Magnetic HID core / coil ballast with ignitor.
* INCLUDES: M137 ballast, capacitor, ignitor and bracket kit welded to the base, for easy mounting. Others sell you just the raw ballast, don't be fooled! Ours come with the bracket kit!
Ballast Specifications
Lamp type: 175W Metal Halide
ANSI Designation: M137
Input Voltage: 120
Circuit Type: CWA
Watts Input: 213
Max Input Current: 1.80
Nom Open Circuit Voltage: 310
Fuse Rating: 5
Reflector Specifications
* Parabolic Polished Aluminum Mirror Reflector.
* Dimensions: 16" x 13" x 5" (L x W x H)

mr . salty

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Without actually seeing what you are talking about here,,,I'd have to say that there ARE better deals out there on retro MH kits.
I mean,$95 and you dont get a bulb.OR EVEN WIRES!!!
The two 175 kits I have were like 80 bucks apiece.With bulbs and wires.
But if you can't find anything better,I guess that's not too bad of a deal.


Mr Salty,
Did you get your kits new or used?? If possible can you tell me where you got them? In your opinion does the MH increase yur electric bill alot more then PC would?
I have PC's now and I am debating on going to MH or just adding more PCs


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your electric bill dont care what kinda light your running, the watts of the light/what it draws is what matters.


The kit does not come with a bulb, but you can get one for about 50.00-60.00 That hellolights kit will work just fine and is a decent price. MH's will draw more watts and amps then PCs. If you are not keeping SPS, Clams, or Anenomes.. then stick with the PCs. If you want to keep everything down the line then by all means go for MH. You corals will do alot better.


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The MH will increase your electric bill if you use more wattage than you already are but like already said 150 watts of MH costs the same as 150 watts of PC or VHO.