Michael Jackson Jokes.


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I heard Michael Jackson was going to have his body cryogenically(sp?) frozen. Hopefully one day they'll be able to figure out what the hell was wrong with him.
They have determined that his death was caused by food poisoning. From eating 10yo wieners.
Actually cause of death has been determined as death by bludgeoning. Apparently his pet monkey had enough of the fondling.
Or it could be that his manager got tired of him showing up for rehearsals in a pinocchio costume.
Since his body is 99% plastic, it will be melted down and poured into Lego's. This way little kids can play with him for a change.
Thats all
I got for now...Anybody else?


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They are going to melt michael jackson down and make a childrens plastic slide so the kids can still go down on him.