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I hope this isn't breaking any rules of the board, it's not an online store so I don't think it will hurt.
I'm not sure where you are from Roseville, but there is a store there called Oceans and Sea's, as far as fish are concerend I have never bought them there, they never looked the best,(unless they have made changes, we haven't been there in over a year) but now if you want some beautiful corals they are the place to go, they also have a very good selection of supplies.


Hey Lisa,
Whats up with "House of Reptiles" in Port Huron? Its in todays "Times Herald"! Apparently the owner stopped opening the store, and just left animals inside to starve to death.

That deffinately beats the "pictures with baby lions and tigers" they had in mt.clemens the other week.


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Daniel. I haven't heard anything about it...:confused: A couple of years ago when my hubby and I we're thinking of opening a lfs we looked at one that had just closed the guy wanted us to buy him out, it was so sad,
he had snakes and lizards in there that we're either starving or had already died due to his care. It really P***es us off,:mad: the landlord of the building turned him in before we could and needless to say we decided we wanted no part of it, then I heard the same guy opened a place at Birchwood Mall here in town, I could never bring myself to go in there. I wonder if it's the same guy. Did the the paper mention his name? Was it Andy??? Lisa