Missing Fish Arrived


Alright, My order arrived at about 1pm today. Blackcap basslet was dead along with 3 emerald crabs. Fire shrimp was alive and orange spot lawnmower barely breathing. Acclimated for 3 hrs. Now to wait. Shrimp will live, The lawnmower is breathing very heavy and seems "disoriented". Any ideas. The problem being if he dies there is now way I can get him, before the crabs find him.
I got my order today also. They left out my blackcap basslet. They promptly (like within 10 minutes) refunded me but I wanted that fish!
I know the feeling my friend.
It took me forever and far too much time to get a small humu humu triggerfish recently, and then I get him home and against my black background it is so clear that he has a minor case of ICK, so now I am in hypo with the QT tank. I just could not see it in the store, they had no background and it was on the white part of the fish!

It really sucks when you have your heart set on a certain marine animal and everything seems to go awry!