Missing Fish Shippment??????


So I was supposed to get a shipment of fish today, but did not show. Fed ex says there was a mechanical problem, so it will be here tommorrow. That's 2 days. It's awfuly cold here in NY, hope they survive. I got a blackcap basslet, orange spot lawnmower, fire shrimp, and emerald crabs. What are the chances?? I ordered fro this site.
Your chances are still pretty good. Just notify SWF and they will take care of you if needed. FedEx dropped the ball on this one.


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when they arrive, you'll have to call swf.com. its quite possible some stuff will be alive, but with how cold it is i wouldnt get my hopes up


fedex never delivered my order yesterday either. rushed down to the hub at 8pm to pick it up. ice packs were ice cold when i got it home. if it's been 2 days will probally doa! my stuff was only sitting there since 7am!