Missing Shrimp


i got 6 pepp shrimp, 1 pink tip anemone, 3 curly q anemones, a rock anemone, and 3 striped damsels from swf.com yesterday. this morning all 6 shrimp were missing. all 6
Did my anemone eat them.
i also have 2 gobes, 3 emerald crabs, 2 cleaner clams, 1 porcelain crab, lots of snails and hermitts, and a variety of corals. Any ideas.


I have found that new additions often hide for a while. Shrimp tend to be more noturnal so try looking for them at night. Hope all goes well.


I highly doubt anything you listed ate them. Take a flashlight to your tank tonight and peer around the overhangs on the live rock. They will look like little bats swaying around in there.


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pepp. shrimp are the 'ninja shrimp'.
They hide mostly always during the day and only peek out to grab food or something. I have one in my tank and if I didnt know where he hides out, Id think he was eaten 3 months ago.