Mistake in my 500 gallons and what other fishes would you recommend


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Hi everyone.

I am new to this forum. I own a huge 500 gallons (+150 gallons sump) FOWLR for almost 10 years. We let it go for a while now cause couple years ago we add a problem and everything died. We were fed up but interest came back a little son I wanted to add fish. We currently have only like 10 fishes, so I went to my LFS and saw those cute damsels. I wanted something very hardy because the aquarium is not doing super good as it should be and they were cheap and nice looking. (Wanted a schoolfish too)

The owner told me it would totally be fine in a 500 gallons despite being agressive fish since they wouldn’t fight for territory. He also told me to get a group of same species. He is never been the kind to sell just to sell, sending me back home even empty handed at times. So I trusted him and bought three dominos and three 3 -stripes and started reading about them AFTER I added the fishes to the aquarium. Silly me. All I kept reading was horror story about how little bast*rd they are. I wanted them out as soon as I put them in. They seems just fine by now with my other fishes by now (I mainly have big tangs and a pair of clowfish and an Anthias) and didn’t even attempt to agress one expect a tiny bit their own kind, but they are new. The older fishes show the damsels their places and the damsels respect it. What I didn’t thought about is what when I want to add NEW fishes? What about when they grow up? I read the Dominos can get 6 inch long???? Ergh.

But I can’t even imagine how to get SIX little fishes out of a HUGE 500 gallons tank (3 feet deep x 9 feet long).

So I am a little bit stressed. I made a silly mistake. Should I read about the damsels before buying them. Lesson learned!

What would you guys do at my place? My lfs told I could bring them back for a credit but was convinced it would be fine.

Also, now that I have those in, what could I get next? I would love some fishes that maintain my aquarium like algea and parasite/worm eater. Any suggestion? Or just beautiful cool fishes that are easy to take care of and that will fit in my community.

This is what I have:

-Blonde Naso Tang (8 inch long)
-Purple tang (4 inch)
-Yellow Tang (4 inch)
-Blue Tang (3 inch)
-1 Lyretail Anthias (male)
- Percula paired with an Ocelaris
-1 big Pajama Cardinal fish
-3 three-Stripes Damsel
-3 Dominos Damsels
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Right now I need a Matted Filefish because I have a big Aiptasia bloom. I am scared because I know how Filefish are super shy and get easily stressed. I am getting him next week...

Other fishes would be other Tangs (1 or 2), Flame Angel (but I would be scared it eats my polyps), more Anthias as well as Wrasses and may be some Blennys. Oh and another pair of clowns may be, the black ones, and may be a puffer if it’s possible? What do you recommend?

I now have the Damsels for a week and they don’t bother anyone at all. Hope it stays like this!

Around how many fishes could I get in this aquarium size? I know it depends on the kind of fish but what is a good rule of thumb? I really don’t want to overcrowd because now my parameters are perfect and I don’t do that much of maintenance and I don’t want to stress my fishes.

Thanks for your answer. I really hope I worry for nothing.
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Your fish list seems fine. Puffers can be tricky w inverts. If you want to try I like a saddle or blue spot puffer