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Hey all you clown experts..... I have a Maroon female clown with 3 anemones. I would really like to find a male maroon clown for her, but easier said then done. I would not mind putting a skunk clown in with her. I have always heard not to mix species. Has anyone tried this?
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Clowns are highly territorial and will not tolerate other clown speicies...in fact, except for a "mated pair" clowns won't tolerate same species much either. Keep looking for a mate for this clown, or be satisfied with 1 clown in this tank.


I was afraid of that. I worry that she would be happier with another. Do you think that a Maroon Gold Stripe Clown would work with her. I keep seeing them at the LFS.
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It really depends on the personality of the fish. My green damsel chases my blue damsel, who would have thought of that one?


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Like people fish have personalities. I have 3 different clowns in my 29 gallon and they all get along very well. I have a Sebae, a Tomato, and a percula.


My brother in law has a 55 with a maroon, true perc, two tomatoes, domino damsel, blue devil, and 3 other damsels i don't know the exact name of. Also has three eel like gobies, an anemone, and a long spine urchin.
None of them have ever had a fight. The maroon was added near the beginning before the other clowns and most of the damsels.
Just an exception to the rule, but proves it can be done. I wouldn't reccommend it though.

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Maroons,and tomatoes are the meanest of all the clowns.So unless your tank is 100+gallons I would stay with the same species. By the way,If you were to add another clown(same kind) the two would fight a bit to establish dominance,Then the more dominate one,either is,or will turn female.The other will either be,or turn into a male. They switch sexes depending on thier tankmate.
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Is the Maroon Gold Stripe clown and the Maroon Clown the same Species? Do you think that would work.
My tank is 125 G with 3 anemone
What do you think?
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I have a percula clown and a sebae clown in the same tank. At first the 2 clownsa hated each other and the percula kept on beating the sebae up. The sebae found a hiding spot and stayed there for a little while. Now there both out swimming around and I have no problems. But I would not try this again if I had to do it over. Anyway I seem to be lucky this time. Good luck.


Hello Everyone, I finally got a male (I think) maroon Clown. And you what else? It is a gold stripe. He is a cute little guy. The female accepted him right from the start. He seen her, and swawm right up next to her. He was like "Hey Babe" He is even in the anomone's already. I just wanted to up date everyone and thanks for convincing me not to mix the clowns.
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I have a percula clown and a sebae clown together. Its not recommened in fact I would not try this again if I could, But they do get along. Some say that they will kill each other it took about 2 weeks until the percula got tired of chasing him around. But they do there own things in the tank and are both just doing fine. Lots of luck.


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the two clowns u are reffering to are not the same type of clown. In some cases true and false percs have been know to pair and even mate but, i haven't read of any instace where the maroon and goldstripe maroon have paired. Maroons are highly aggressive. If u have a seperate tank to put one of the clowns in if they dont get along u can try floating the new clown in a large clear bag to test their temperments toward eachother otherwise, dont risk it. :happyfish