More Help For The Beginner!!!

Hi All,
I see alot of post in this forum that start with" Hey I just got a tank and I want a Saltwater set-up what do I need" kind of question.Then the normal first post or 2 recomend a book or 2 or to do some research(excellent choices!) Then the usual poster responce is I am reading and doing research,while they ask what kind of heater to get for a 180 gallon tank. Now please do not get me wrong I can fully understand how complicated some of this stuff can seem and asking questions is a great way to get what you need to know.
If the beginner would use the search button and look through a few threads and come back and post lets say " I have a 75 gallon tank and I am thinking of getting the following equipment........................then making a list of the equipment you were thinking of getting it would make it alot easier to help you out in the long run instead of 50 people trying to tell you what kind of pump to get when nobody knows what your overflow is rated at,you need to match those things up to keep things from flooding but that's another thread:)
I know you might think it i easier for someone to just tell you what to go buy but opinions are like _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ lol.......just a little humor but you get the picture I hope.There are alot of ways to build a sucessful tank in this hobby and what might work for me might not be so sucessful for you.You need to take all the advice you get and decide which might work better for you in the long run.
Just get maybe a general idea of which direction you want to go with your tank.You want a reef,or maybe just a fowlr.Do you have room for a sump(know what one is?) how about a fuge? Are you gonna run a skimmer? Lots of things you can search then come back with a plan and try and ask specific
This was not meant as a flame at anyone. I hope this would actually help some of the beginners in this hobby as it will certainly help some of us trying to answer your questions.