More work on my brakish river fish tank got somthing unusual today in the trap.


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After the sea horse died I started working more on the tank system. Added a 16 gal sump with protein skimmer, UV and a 16 gal aux tank with some live sand as kinda a acclamation to tank living- refugium. Been building on my knowledge of salt water tanks so I don't make the same mistakes. Gotten allot better with my chemistry and diet as-well as learning fish habits. Even found a few soft corals that survive and grow at 1.016 sadly coralline algae wont:(
Today I cot something unusual probably end up putting him back but found a pipe fish in my trap today. Any tip advice I should know especially diet and special care. Is it a specializes comparable to the seahorse or a nightmare I should just put back after a few good close up pics. He has a wicked small mouth.

Also looking for ideas to aid in filtration. Iv been having problems controlling brown diatoms in the tanks. Only grows were light hits. The sump is has none at all. I tried some shrimp turned in to a massacre. I think they were killing for sport... Same goes for snails they seeing they poke em off the glass and and leave them stranded.

My setup

Sump has a glass divider to maintain water level for the tricky skimming at 1.016 salinity.

Happy coral surrounded by brown diatoms I'm having problems with.