Moving 1600 miles with reef tank

Hey guys, i am moving to Colorado in June and the distance from where i live now to colorado is 1600 miles. Is there a way to move my 24g aquapod that far? or should i just sell the live stock and start fresh in colorado?
my stock list is:
2 Maroon Clownfish (mated)
Pink Tip Anenome
Cleanup Crew
about 20lbs live rock
shallow sand
My tank has been setup for 1 year.


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Is it really worth it? Maybe just sell all your live stock and start over there. Sux but how else could it be done? You are flying I would assume?


if you're driving, it can be done. get some coolers with the screw on lids and put your substrate with some rocks and water in one, and corals, fish and water in another. it might take three or four coolers, which will cost maybe $15 each, but alot cheaper then starting over. I did this when I moved from Kansas, and it worked.


I would at least keep the liverock wrap it in wet towels or something, put it in a cooler and put a couple heat packs in there.