Moving a tank


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Not sure if I’m in the right place or not but here I go.
I might be relocating for my job 2 hours away. I have a 58g show tank with a 29g sump/refug that has been set up for apx. 5-6mths. I have 2 Percula a colony of star polyps, Pulsing xenia, a couple mushrooms, brittle star, various snails and crabs, 45ish#'s of LR, o ya a yellow tail damsel in the refug (for bad behavior). I have never tried to move a tank with live stock as I have always just sold off the live stock or gave it away. The way the economy is I think I want to preserve what I have now.
So my question is what is the best way to move it safely?
Tank you 4 the help


It is a really pain and you might end up loosing some things, but here is what i would recommend
1. save as much water as possible.
2. i used big trash cans and used air pumps and air stones poked though the top and sealed with duct tape. The pumps i ran off an inverter. (this option it really heavy)
3. Put all the live stock together it if you can so you only have one life support system
4. Saving the water will help set up the new tank asap and lower the ammonia spike (i would have chemicals on hand to help because you will have some spike, I used bio-spirea)
5. unlike anything else in salt water speed counts. the fast you can get the tank running again the less temp change and level change the better)
I have had to move my smaller tanks a few times and this has always worked for me but it you need to use 5 gal buckets


Here are a few threads that talk about moving tanks. I'm planning to move in a few months and this is generally how I plan to go about it.
Good luck!