Moving fish from QT to Display Tank


I am planning to move a moderate size juvenile French Angelfish from the QT to a 125 gal display tank. The other fish are 2 fairly large Heniochus butterflies, 2 Ocellaris clownfish and 1 moderate size Green Chromis. All have been in the display tank for several years. They had a previous juvenile French Angel with them for about a year or so but he died after getting himself tightly wedged between a circulation pump and the tank wall. I theorize that he got himself stuck when he became startled by something and darted behind the pump. I tried a second French Angel some months after that, but I found him dead in the rocks a few weeks later. I never witnessed any abuse by the other fish, but I can't be certain. I love the French Angel, so I want to try one more time. He has been in the QT over two and a half months during which he went through 30 days hyposalinity. Early on, he showed some evidence of lymphocyctis, but that was most likely due to the stress of capture and cross country air travel. He was skittish at first and hid a lot, but and he is now a very active, eats vigorously and gets excited when he sees me approach the QT. As best I can see, the water parameter in both tanks are extremely close, so I don't plan to drip acclimate prior to placing him in the display. The stress of being in a bucket might be worse. I plan to do the move at night and will feed the inhabitants well. I will also do substantial rearrangement of rocks which I did not do with the prior Angel move. I will also move the Angel's cave from the QT to the display which I did not do the last time. The French is slightly smaller than the two Heni's who occasionally chase one another, so I worry a bit about them. Anything else I should do to give the French the best chance of survival? Should I consider keeping the the French in the QT until he gets bigger? it's only 20 gal, so I don't want to keep him there too long. Thanks.


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First - congratulations on keeping a newcomer in QT for an adequate time period. I always get very excited at about the 1 week mark in QT, and my wife has to restrain me from putting the fish into the display. I really can't think of anything that you haven't already done to ease this fish's entry into your DT, so good luck! Keep us informed.


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The dark idea is a good one, as is moving the rocks around so all the fish have an equal claim on territory. I would acclimate anyway, just to make sure the temps are the same. It sounds like you're doing everything right, so say a little prayer for success (never hurts), and get er done.