Moving Long Distance


Hi everyone. I am moving long distance on a road trip that will take about 3 days(about 2000 miles). Any recommendations so that i can take my live stock along with me. I have a 29 gal tank with a maroon Clown a Neon Goby, inverts, LR, and sand.


I may not offer the best experience, but here's my 2 cents
I would just transport them like does. To see how they do, watch the "acclimation" in your sidebar.


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if u keep the same rock, same sand and stuff u should be fine as far as enviroment goes, transporting it i would pump up some bags full of oxygenated water and basically just pack them like swf does, maybe even set up a little cooler in ur car w/ water and a battery powered powerhead


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We moved from Dayton, Ohio to Oceanside, Ca a couple years ago. Hard to remember, but I think it was 9 (yes NINE) days total road time. We kept rock and livestock together with heaters and air pump in 7 gal salt buckets. Everything was alive and seemed to be fine until the night before we moved in. We stopped at a hotel because the apt. complex office was closed for the evening. We had an overheat and along with poor water quality we lost everything. If you can move in 3 days I feel you have an excellent chance of not losing anything. You may experience a cycle when you set back up so be ready for water changes. Sorry to say we don't have experience here.


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if it were me I would sell the set up or trade everything in at the LFS for dry goods and or future equipment needs for your upgrade when you get settled in to your new location.
This type situation is always a good excuse for a upgrade and with some experience under your belt those initial setup, stocking mistakes etc we all make can be avoided.


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Since its only a 29 you shouldnt have a hard time. Get yourself a cooler to transport the livestock. Fill it about halfway with water. Go to your local fish and tackle shop and ask for a portable airator, they are battery operated. This will give the water some movement and keep the water airated. I would leave the sand in the tank with maybe an inch of water over the sand. Maybe even a half inch, just enough to keep it wet, try not to disturb the sand. Transport your live rock in 5 gallon buckets or small trashcans lined with clean plastic trashbags. You can seal the bags to keep water from splashing all over the place. Good luck!


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Well i have recently moved to Chicago with long distance movers and it took 2 days to reach me there. I have taken the live stock experience was good moving with them. I will surely be calling them for my next move.


Good point about just shipping it. Most shippers/friends can hold it until you are there, and ship it to meet you.