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I'm planning to rework my 75 reef to eliminate the need for Hang on the back overflows. The Plan is to cycle a spare 55 and move everything over so that I can drill the tank, build a new stand, and build a new fuge out of a 29 gallon to create a system that cannot flood. (plus use all the other assorted knowlege that can be found on here if I'd known to look for it.) The two seperate out of balance overflows and filter systems will be moving to the pre cycled 55 with the coral and livestock. Ideally it would be for about a week, but I'm figuring more like a month. The holidays are coming, and the wife gets jealous.
75 gallon standard with soft corals, fish, and inverts. Biggest fish is a 4" yellow tang. He's lazy and He'll be fine.
Around 130 pounds of Rock
3-6 inches of fairly well stirred sand. The Diamond Goby moves sand like he's searching for a legendary way out.
Its going to be enough work without moving all the sand to the 55 and back, plus the smaller footprint will create more sand depth and push me towards a greater possibility of dead zones, so I'd really like to avoid it. I'd like to to just put the top inch of the sand into the 55 and store the rest until the 75 is ready to go again. I've also got coral growing on some of the larger pieces of upper rock, so once the livestock is back in the 75, I will not need to take the rest of the sand from the 55. I also feel that I'm more likely to crash the 55 if I move all the sand. Its deeper in the back and the Diamond leaves it alone there. I'm hesitant to just dump it in a fiver, keep it wet, and try and get it to cycle once I have the 75 reset. I think I'd get a 5 gallon bucket of death that way.
I've got an additional 29 sitting around that I may use to try and get it cleaned up, with a basic filter and regular mixing.
I know that I'm going to have to let it cycle regardless, I'm just trying to find a way to keep it short.
Does anyone have any experience with storing sand long term?
Anybody with experience removing/reseting Deep Sand beds?

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Im gonna say most of your aerobic bacteria is in the top 1" of sand anyway
if you want to keep your sand you're gonna have to store it and keep it wet in something so a bucket or the other 29 seems your only logical option other than 50 bags like at a LFS. even then there will be die off and ammonia to contend with

and like you said before you have to cycle anyway so what are you out?