Mr. Salty I thought people could email you links??


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So I guess I was wrong in emailing B_Ball the site where I purchased my Berlin Turbo Skimmer and saving him $30.
B_Ball, don't be asking me to break the rules any more! :rolleyes:
Tangman :D

mr . salty

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I guess I should clarify my explanation..It is alright for anyone to email anyone else they want.Any time they want...About anything that they want..But don't ask for people to email links to competitors sites on THIS BB...GET IT???


I saw your other post. CPR makes a good u-tube overflow. Hope this isn't breaking any rules.
Actually it's a channel overflow.
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No problem b_ball.
I've got mine up a running fine. The only problem I had with it was the noise of the water falling back into my sump. It almost drove me nuts so I bought a silverware basket that has suction cups and stuffed it with filter material and stuck it to the inside of my sump below the outlet tubes. Works beautifully.
Don't forget to call Red Sea to get the replacement impellor.
Tangman :D


I have the # printed and waiting since I'll probably need a serial # from the skimmer. Getting excited. Its the only thing I have to look forward to on the 1st day of school.
I gotta ask...Who are's competitors? Surely not ANY company that sells dry goods, like lighting supplies....correct?
I would assume that SW competitors would be selling only critters, corals and fish and by those standards, asking for people to email you lighting links or ANY dry goods for that matter, to an outside email is not breaking the rules.
Just AHHHHWondering.

mr . salty

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SWfish has made this subject quite clear to us(the sharks) that NO ONLINE AQUARIUM VENDORS LINKS WILL BE ALLOWED...This is very clear,and quite easy to understand.There is NO EXCEPTION.And asking for email to accuire links falls under this rule....If you don't like these rules,GO SOMEWHERE ELSE...
Just a question man...just a question, which actually wasnt answered but eh', oh well. :confused: :rolleyes:
On another note, if I said o.k., to the very pleasant "GO SOMEWHERE ELSE" statement, most likely I would do what everyone else has done that has gotten PO'd and left the BB.
Come right back with a new screen name and nobody would know any different, I mean, its the web.......... ;)
So Salty, simmer down man, dont get offended for having to do what you are here to do.....moderate and offer advice...both of which you do well...although, could have saved that "GO SOMEWHERE ELSE" for guys that pee in your bushes or let their dog take a dump on your lawn. :D


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Just to further clarify this matter as I understand it.
No vendor links are allowed to any place that sells anything
. And, using this forum to request that members email you the info is viewed as a round about way of getting past this rule.
Now the reasoning is, that sells live goods and it is a store. The BB is here as a free service to its members to promote knowledge in this hobby as well as assist each other with hobby issues that do not include purchasing anything anywhere else. is not here to promote any one else's products, whether it be a skimmer or a toaster oven. And there stands the no vendor links [whether it has to do with the hobby or not]. However, product manufacture links are allowed in the interest of our members acquiring info about something they want to purchase. For instance, Nature's Ocean makes marine sand; it does not sell it directly to consumers. Thus, in the interest of promoting info regarding this particular product, you may post a link to Nature’s Ocean.
The bottom line is that is not here to help any other businesses out with obtaining customers or free advertisement. And, I think if you look at it from this POV, you will see their point.
Hope this clears it up!
Thank you Beth, civil and informative....a bit confusing, but not my bb and not my rules so confused I shall stay.
Now, about my toaster oven... ;)