Mushroom Question


We have red mushrooms , lavender mushrooms, green hairy, green, and for some reason all are ok cept the red & lavender they are dying off any clues as to why?
amonia - 0
nitrate/trite - 0
p.h - 8.3
alk - 11
calcium - 400
salt gravity - .021
phos - 0
lightin 390w pc
fluval 404 & CPR backpack & 3 ph (1100,800,200)
temp 79-80
other than the shrooms all other corals are doing great!
open brain
moon brain
flower pot
yellow polyps
star polyps
trumpet coral
feathers (2)
feather cluster


I agree with sweetreef; most corals enjoy a salinity of 35, or a specific gravity of 1.025 or 1.026. Yours is a little low--not dangerously low, but a small bit off, IMO--but I don't see why everything else would be doing so well.
These mushrooms are new, so my first thought is that they're experiencing acclimation shock. How did you acclimate them? What method did you use, and how long did you do it for?
Since you moved some of the colonies, have they reacted any differently? Maybe they just weren't happy with their placement.
It's also possible you just got some bad batches from your supplier.
It's tricky, because shrooms are usually so have much more fickle corals doing much better than hardy shrooms. My guess is a rushed acclimation, or just a sickly bunch. Maybe even parasites?
Whatever it is, I hope you get to the bottom of it soon!!


the mushrooms are turning white not melting.
acclamation- 2+ hours
as far as moving them when we first got them they were awsome we moved them to accomidate an anemone , who has since died, after that they started turning white.
We lowered the salt gravity to help with psrasites.
I agree i do not understand why the "more difficult" corals are doing great and the "Easy" ones are not??


I just noticed a couple of my mushrooms on the bottom piece of live rock are turning white as well. would like to know why that is.


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Thats what happens (turn white) when they are not getting enough light. If they are fairly new, they probably came from a tank that had insufficient lighting.