must sell 5' 11" coralife light

dan hanna

I have to sell these lights!!.. the lights are about nine months old. The brand is coralife, size is L-71" 7/8 x W-7 1/4 no more then 3" thick. It has 8-cooling fans, 3-different light setting. 2-actinic 96 watt bulbs, 1-10,000k 96 watt bulb & 1-50/50 96 watt bulb. my brother bought me the lights as a gift but i need to sell a.s.a.p :help: .This light also has 6 moon lights but one of the blue moon lights went out about one month after getting it and i've never got around to replacing it. these lights are in great shape. i am gonna try one more time to download the photos i took but it did not work the first time so if you are a interested buyer i can e-mail you the photos i got. I know the lights were over $400 brand new so i will accept the first reasonable offer i get. I will leave them up for sale for about 3-5 days. Please only serious buyers!!


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Originally Posted by dan hanna
sorrry man i can't do it for 200.....this light is worth more then 200

Yeah, but the moonlights are damaged and not working and the fixture is also 9 months old...meaning, 9 month old bulbs, that arent burning at their normal spectrum.
And, the bulbs are mismatched, if your information is correct.

dan hanna

one moon light outta six is out....... so odd's are they aint damaged. if you know anything about lights mismatch or not these lights are still in very good shape and still to this day are more then enough for my 150 gal.