My 10 Gallon Setup


This is my first tank and was wondering if I was on the right track because I have been listening to my LFS on advice. please don't yell at me!
10 gallon glass tank with T8 lighting
150 gph hang on filter
100 watt heater
maxi jet 600 powerhead
12 lbs live rock and 15 lbs live sand
CUC (8 x hermits, 4 x astrea snail)
peppermint shrimp
cleaner shrimp
clownfish x 2
* I hope to add 1 firefish goby and 1 royal gramma soon. The tank has been set up for over a month now and all chemistry is within normal limits and doing water changes 2x per month.
Thanks for all the help!! And maybe if I decide to not be a lazy A#* I will put up some pics.


Not going to yell at you for listening to LFS. I have one around me that gives good sound advice.
BUT your tank is already overstocked, do not add any more fish.
Water changes need to be more frequent in a tank that small.
Watch your parameters very closely, with that small water volume a little change can have drastic effects.


i wouldnt say that your overstocked, but i wouldnt add any more fish. you have a very heavy bio-load for a 10g. i know that i do a WC 2 times a week after getting my reading after i added my 2 clowns. what kind of filter are you running. if your no happy with the filter i would definatly recomend the AC70(modded of coarse). make it a mini fuge and she would work much better then a standard power filter. i put mine on and filled it with cheato and she keeps everything in line.
btw post up some pics we all love them

keith burn

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Try a oceanic biocube protein skimmer
I have one on my 10gal and it rocks remove the tube and replace it with one from a gravel vac .