My 210 Build starts today


You and Jasonanatal (also on this forum) should go in on a group order for your purchases so you can get a discount. I think the both of you have spent more than the rest of us combined!

Hey, more power to ya. Some nice stuff you have there.

small triggers

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have you gotten your sump and zeovit system installed yet???? COMEON i have to live vicariuosly through you, since now it will be 7 years until we get to build our house


I have the sump under my tank but im still waiting on my return pump i hear 2 more weeks every 2 weeks so no plumbing yet hopefully soon i sold that one zeo reactor and ordered a KZ reactor should be here this week sometime


dude that tank looks beast so far cant wait to see it up and going


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nice pump ! for 48 watts @ almost 1200 gph.i want one too!
FYI some of the red dragon pumps are being recalled.
also this very very longtime build. good luck