My 28 Gallon JBJ Build..


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hey everyone~
I just got a 28 gal nano with mag 1200 return pumps. If you have seen my other thread of my hex tank, i plan on transferring all my zoas to the nano (over 20 morphs) This is my first nano tank sooooo i would love some help and suggestions!
the tank has a 150 watt MH light 14K and 4 leds..
i bought it off of someone i do not think he gave me a skimmer i dont remember.. i am in my bed right now and do not feel like getting up lol.
i have 2 koralias 1's in my hex, would there be too much flow if i added them to the nano?
i just finished reading Coral Keepers entire nano thread and I have decided to raise the hood up, and stick a fan in the back. The person I bought the tank from gave me a chiller but he said the fuse was fried...He also gave me 30 lbs of LS and maybe 8 lbs of lr just for the heck of it.
I have no RO water left, just finished a change on my 75..I plan on going to Aquatic Obsessions 2m after class and getting 30 gallons of sw..
i will post pics 2m with water and sand!
also, how did all you nano owners mod your tank? i would love to hear about your creativity


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Under Metal Halide, 14K lighting

Moonlight..looks the same to me lol. my hex tank is right next to it, which is running another 150 mh 14k bulb could be the reason

i guess i can say the tank is cycling, although the tank was running when i bought it..
how long do you guys think the tank will cycle?
when should i put in my LR from my hex?
will that cause spikes?


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you want to put in live rock right away. get that cycle goin. it will spike once the stuff starts to die off and bacteria starts to grow. i would put 30-40 pounds of rock in there if you can. also im not sure exactly what to do but you want to put chaeto in one of the back chambers and that will help out alot


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i bought a pair of semi picasso clowns from a LFS. i told him i would pick them up this weekend if not, next weekend. originally i planned on keeping the pair in my hex until my jbj situated.
if i put the LR from my hex into my nano, how long do you guys think i should wait before i keep the pair in the jbj?
here are some pics of my clowns, not in my possession, currently at a LFS.


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One of the koralias would work good in there...
And if u used the Live Rock out of ur hex then u prolly wont see to much of a cycle if any. More then likely none. Just ghots feed a coupe times and check the parameters for about a weekk.
If nothing spikes then ull be ready to go IMO,
But the longer u wait the better lol
But if anything wait until next weekend for the clowns


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thanks rebel for the help. i always admired your zoas and your tank
ghots feed? i am assuming that was a typo, and was supposed to be ghost feed? i still dunno what that means

i found out that the clowns are pure picasso, just grade B's. one half the side of the clowns have ALOT of white, the otherside is not as much. Honestly, i am happy for what i paid, 125 for the pair. any hosting suggestions? Frogspawn? would an anemone be a bad idea, given my amounts of zoas?
if coralkeeper happens to read this, what legs did you use to raise your hood?
i am going to put the rock in right now, as soon as i am done ill put some pics up. hopefully it wont fog the water..


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If ya got some spair sand from your other tank that will help your process along, also with some established LR! Good luck, and realize you dont got alot of room, so plan ahead on what you want it to be! Good luck!


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more room than my hex at least! i also have a 75 gal and a 150 project. this is my personal setup and so is the 150. the 75 is my dads which he keeps down stairs. this is in my room. i already decided on an all zoa tank, a pair of clowns, and most likely a frog spawn.oh and a goby of some sort. here are some pics of the aqua scaping. i am prob going to keep it this way idk imgoing to have to sleep on it. the rock isnt touching any of the sides of the tank. there are a good 8 caves inside the middle. i made some mini caves for a goby. i decided to place the rocks this way since i have a bunch of zoas i figured flat surfaces would be good for development and expansion, JMO
sorry for the pics i took them in a rush i am so sleepy. it took me close to 3 hours to move rock from my hex, and place it in the nano to my liking.

anyone else have micro bubbles? why do i have them ? is it bc of my return pumps?


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On my jbj I get bubbles becaus of loose fittings in the return pump.... check to make sure that is all tight, and if it is, I get bubbles from where the water enters the back because they don't get filtered out by the sponge. I just move the sponge up to the middle of this intake, to stop them. Those were the problems with mine....... Hopefully a bit of a help.


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I really like the aquascape, nice job. Ghost feeding by the way, is just feeding your tank when there isn't any inhabitants yet. Essentially it feeds the good bacteria in the tank.


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hey thanks for the input jerth, i am gona try that out right now, ill let you know what happens.
thanks subie, it took me 3 hours to get it the way i like! what should i feed the tank? just brine?


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And do an ammonia reading every day. You are looking for ammonia to appear in your testing. If it does during the first say week and a half then your cycle is not complete. If you get now ammonia reading after a week and a half your initial cycle is probably complete. I say initial because after you start to add your clean up crew you still need to test periodically to see if ammonia starts to rise. Then especially after any fish additions. This is to ensure you don't get any ammonia after bioload increase which will mean that there is enough bacteria colony to multiply fast enough to handle the increases.


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Originally Posted by premilove
hey spanko, even if the rock is established? the rock is directly out of my hex
Yes but... not to the extreems of non-established rock! New tanks will always get some sort of spike... Just a part of the bacteria building process!


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yeah i was going to wait regardless. here are my test results.
Salinity - 1.025
pH - 8.0
Nitrites - 0 ppm
Ammonia - 0 ppm I had a ammonia reading last night of .25 ppm, but that was right after i transferred my LR from my hex, so i guess its reasonable.
Nitrates - close to 20 ppm
i didnt test for anything else. I came to the conclusion for the micro bubbles. heres a pic

why is it doing this? how are my test results?