My 600 gallon reef tank


Drool. Nice set up. Truly wish I had spare space like that. I have to wait until the kids move out ha ha.


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Wow, with a tank that size and you're live rock structure, this feels like a small chunk of a real coral reef. I would love to have something like this one day.
Well , I got a some goodies for the tank room. I have decided to put in a dedicated a/c unit in the room, taking off the house system. I will also be installing an exhaust vent in the room. Many things led to this decision , so my new projects are starting.

i ran the electrical last weekend



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Wow that is a ton of work. I suppose with a 600 gallon humidity is an issue. I've had issues with just a 125 and 40.
Well I got to knock out some stuff on my new project!

Saturday I got to form up a little pad for the ac , I took down the fan and replaced the light

sunday I ran all ac lines and got both pieces placed. I installed the exhaust fan

i still have a bunch of loose ends to finish up, but all the attic work is out of the way at least
Got all my loose ends an finished wiring elerctric this morning. The ac guy is coming tomorrow to vacuum the lines.

i took a few crappy phone tank pics , March 12th this tank will be 1 year old.

Now that I have the ac project wrapped up, I had an itch to clean up the powerheads today.

they got soaked in 75/25 water/vinegar bath for 3 hours. They came out great, well considering I've never cleaned them