My 75 gallon tank.


looks good great fish choices! i love ur rock work!!
first-ur anemone
it looks bleached u should wait atleast 6 months beffore getting an anemone so its already to soon u should have 4-5 watts per gallon of lightsing what kind of lighting do u have?i would drop a picture at the anemone thread and see what thomas has to say
second-ur tangs
how big is ur tank? u have 3 tangs u should have more then one onless ur tank is big enough
third-ur cardinals
first of all i love them the are awsome. now this isnt necisary but from my experience they like to have plants to hide in and will have a better/less stressful life if u provide them with this red Caulerpa is attractive macro algae that u could buy for them it would go good with some red smooth leaf kelp and ur cardinals would to hide in them now if u buy some buy alot cause ur tangs will love to nibble on them accationaly
reply soon


^ My tank is 75 gallons and I am about to plumb a sump to increase my total volume. My water paramaters are great.
Amm - 0 to .25 (according to my test kit)
Trite - 0
Trate <5
I have about 4 Watts/gallon so my green BTA is happy up near the top. I have another anemone that I bought at my LFS for $10. I can't remember the name for it right now.
My PJs were the first few fish that I added. I had them in my first SW tank (a 20 gallon) about 5-6 months ago. They like to sleep in the rock work and haven't had any other fish mess with them yet.
I did add 2 more peppermint shrimp today. My purple psuedochromis and hawkfish greeted 1 of the shrimp a little too aggressively so only 1 survived the fisrt several minutes after acclimation.
I have a leather that is in the process of splitting even though it's hard to tell from this pic


Really? .25 amonnia. In a reef tank....well for anytank that matter the amonnia should be undetectable make sure your test kit isn't faulty. I'm saying this because everything in your tank looks to be healthy and thriving. And if your ammonia was .25, your tank wouldnt look to be having much success, as you are now. And now for that naso tang, he should really be kept in a 120 gallon or larger in the long run. How big is he now?
**add on** Now that I go back and look at the pictures of the Naso Tang......thats a female.


Nice looking tank and fish.
The BTA does look somewhat washed out, pale. Proper lighting will bring it back just fine.


Nice Tank....Nice fishes, but not to judge you but you are wayyyy overstock...
You have a naso, BT, YT, Coral beauty, firefishes, cardinals and clowns if not more...Any ways Good Luck and hope your tank keep looking great


On my ammonia reading, my kit doesn't register a 0. When I test the pale yellow color most closely correlates to the lowest reading on the test, 0.25.
I just added the BTA 2 days ago. It has really expanded since I bought it and it seems like it has better color now then when I got it. It settled nicely into a rock and has moved about 1 inch since then.
I do frequent water changes since I am high on my bioload (at least 25%/month). I am installing a sump to help keep my water paramaters correct. I figure everything is ok since my nitrates are very low.
Here is the stocking list:
1 naso tang - 2 inches
1 yellow tang - 2 inches
1 mini regal tang - 1 inch
1 spotted hawkfish - 1.5 inches
1 percula - 1 inch
1 firefish - 1 inch
2 PJ cardinals ~ .75 inches
1 6 line wrasse - 1 inch