My 80 gallon tank has arrived: the saga begins...


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That's why I have two tanks going...
One for the reef/corals and one for the fish I reallly want...:D


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Reef setup with 7100 K? You should go with 10000 K. Also, if you go with a Manderin as suggested, you need at least 100 lbs. of LR that has been well established for at least a year with plenty of copepods or he will starve. Best thing for that would be a refugium setup to grow plenty of copepods.


Hellspawn, some of the veterans of this forum seem to loose site of the real goal behind the hobby and that is to have fun. If stuffing 100 tangs in your 10 gallon makes you happy, then do it. Like they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea.
Of course it's better to be responsible with your fish tank but basic common sense goes a long way. Don't get too hung up on having the perfect tank, otherwise we would all have the same tank....boring!
The way I see it, bringing the poor

home from the local fish store is like moving from the ghetto into the playboy mansion.
Fish are more like decoration anyway. When a vase breaks you replace it. I treat my fish the same way.

I'm sure I'll get flamed for this one so let me just say that I do appreciate some of the advice on this forum, however I refuse to take this hobby so serious that it ceases to be enjoyable.


Thanks for the kind words guys! :)
Thanks for the heads-up Birdy. I would rather have a Butterfly than featherdusters and I would rather have the blue jaw and flame than a couple shrimp so I should be ok :D
Oberon, I am more partial to the soft corals than the stonies, so my lighting should be adequate. If I change my mind in the future I can always upgrade :) I am aware of the pod requirement for the mandarin.
Kl8n, well said. This hobby is supposed to be enjoyable, and while I will try to get most of the fish I want, I will also try to avoid any uneccessary casualties :)