My brave bluethroat trigger


Last night my blue throat trigger went through an ordeal but he's still alive and kick'n today. First off ,i was trying to catch him becasue i need to QT him due cloudy eye and scratching at times the last few days(no ich ) . Looks like he had flukes in his eyes. Well he wanted no part of being caught and promptly jumped into the overflow box. Now this is a 210 DT so that overflow is high . It was a pain but managed to get him out without any injury. I then proceeded to give him a 5 min fw bath . well right after i dipped him, I received an emergency call which last about 30 minutes., after the call i heard a splashing noise only to realize i forgot about my trigger. I immediately put him in the qt with prazi pro and he looked pretty bad. it looked at times that he wasnt going to make it. well slowly he began to recover and looks fine today!! wew...what a night for the little guy! BTW... what is the longest amount of time most people give fw baths??


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30 + min?? I have never gone more than about 5-7 min. That had to have stressed him badly, but if he seems to have recovered from it he must have been in great shape before hand. Although a friend of mine who owns an lfs had a new employee put a green wolf eel in a freshwater tank and it stayed there for a couple of hours before he noticed. I find this amazing in that the ph on the freshwater tank was much lower than a freshwater dip with the ph adjusted. Some of these fish are just plain tough.
Hope your blue jaw recovers quickly.


You can do 30 minutes for sure, but it helps to have a calming additive to the freshwater and matching pH so they dont stress to much. Like that Green stuff? I always forget the name of it...machalite or something?


what are the reasons for a fw bath?? Why would freshwater actally clean him better? thanks i'v never done that before and don't plan on doing it... just curious..


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It can remove parasites that are on the surface of the fish's skin. They are inverts and can't survive in fw.