My Emerald crab....the freeloader!

My one emerald crab is sooo lazy. I hardly ever see him cleaning the rocks. But when I feed the fish he is right there to pick up the scraps. Oh and he love to sit and eat my caluerpa. Just not the GREEN HAIR or BUBBLE ALGEA I bought him for. Oh well, I have two ECs, at least one works, busy little thing.
Has anyone else had this type of observation? Just wondering. Just looking for something to talk about.


I just bought one today to deal with my minor Calurpa problem. Hopefully he is related to yours and will tear it apart :)


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i wish i could get one tha teats caulerpa, mine jsut likes to chew on rocks. he takes care of the bubble algae, but not the hair stuff, my bicolor wont even touch that stuff!
good luck


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My rather large Emerald scraped all the corraline off my rock at one point...finally growing back, but never touches what I want him to eat...