My first calcium reactor, any tips?


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Jsut picked up a used:
Korallin C4002 Calcium Reactor with Eheim Pump
5lb Co2
All for $300 from a local reefer whos 1600GPH rated reactor was...get this....too small.
Turns out he was tank of the month couple years back on reefkeeping online.And he wasnt kidding! Way to small for his system :)
Lucky me! I found someone who can sell me tons of fabulous frags vs LFS!
At anyrate, guy really hooked me up with a smoking deal.
This thing is practically new so I'm excited to say the least!
Anyways, on to the meat of it all. Since this is my first reactor, I would like any input please.
Its going into my 125 system, which BTW just got upgraded with a sweet DIY LED system. 1 year later, my Corals are starting to take off. So to help things along, and simplify it all I want a calcium reactor incorporated.
I was planning on using a Kalk reactor as well, but someone told me a hanging bucket with a lime water drip would do just fine. I ordered a Milwakee PH monitor w/probe. Lots of folks have told me in the past that at >$100 its hard to beat.(got it for $77 new). So I now have a control for my solenoid shutoff.
The instructions are simple enough on the reactor. I can hook it up fine. But any advice would be welcome none the less. I was thinking the reactor's output would have a higher Drip rate into the sump than the Lime water drip. Im planning on using pickling lime from walmart, and a 1g bucket. Anyone using this method?
Any thoughts, concerns, tips would be cool.


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4002 rating from korallin is unrealistic but perfect for a tank around 400 gallons medium demand for calcium
Anyway I sold my 2 months old calcium reactor (euroreef CR 4) identical to yours with ph controller, 20lbs co2 regulator and solenoid for the same price because It's easier for me to do bailing method or 3 parts and people here are cheap .lol
Ph controller is a must have for calcium reactor and kalkwasser tap off because your ph will drop significantly
Ph controller should be set between 6.5-6.7 and use large media
None the less it's still a great buy!
Good luck


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One Milwaukee ph controller is fine but maybe you should look into Neptune apex lite or ac 3 it's cheaper now
Socaltropicaloutlet dat com