my fish died in my tank should i remove it?


i was going to leave it cuz the crabs like it. But someone told me i should take it out. help!!!!
fyi its a 12 inch miniata grouper in a 55 gallon tank and its been dead for 5 days


why would you want to leave it in there? To please the crabs?? Crabs are scavengers, let them find new food. That'd be one terrible eye sore.... JMO


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Yes, you should definitely take it out. It will, if not already, cause an ammonia spike. A big spike with a 12" fish.


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ummm. Your tank has got to be a mess.
One more time, my vote? Take it out. If my fish are looking funny they get moved. How long did you have him? Did you feed him peanut butter and jelly-fish for dinners? :)