My heater just broke. Will my fish make it until tomorrow


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New to the site and unfortunately this is my first post. Bare with me. My heater in my 44 gal tank made a popping noise and quit. I unfortunately do not have a spare (shame shame) and the LFS is closed. My water normally stays around 78F and is now 76.3 and seems to be holding with the light on. What is the lowest temp my tank could get over the course of the night and the fish still survive. This is a dumb question, but I have never experienced this before. Thanks in advance..


You'll be fine. If you're really worried about it turn the temp up in that room for the night and/or leave the light on for some extra heat (if you have Metal Halides anyhow)


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I had a door blow open one time when a storm came through and I was at work. My tanks were in the 50s. Nobody was very happy, but everyone lived.