My...How You've Changed


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Originally Posted by N_Sarno
wow reallllllllly nice tanks they look so awesome
It's the same tank..
Thanks! :happyfish


How long has your tank been set up?? it is amazing!!!! I hope mine looks like that one day!! Everything looks super healthy!!!!! :cheer:

mr. guitar

Gosh you weren't kiddin when you said you had a huge moni cap!!! That thing was huge!!!! Everything looks (looked) good!!!


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How olds the tank? Oh yea and M-AZING!!! I setting a 70 up and hopingg to get it a 1/4 of how good that is!


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I swear, your tank is the BOMB!! I absolutely love it and can't get enough of it...some day, some day...
Lisa :happyfish


WoW!!! You truly are an Expert!
Have you had some die, or did you sell/move it? Like the HUGE red/green brain...


Active Member many nice responses everyone,thanks! I always love to look back and compare, it has changed so much. The tank has been set up since feb 03'. No moves, but alot has been removed because it either got too big. Or like in the case of when I really started getting into sps more, I removed some things like euphyllias, some shrooms and leathers. The red /green brain never seemed to like the higher lighting after the switch, it hung in there but never had the gorgeous colors it did when I got it. I had a copperband for awhile, and she literally killed it by ripping into it's mouth to steal it's food. It started getting algae on it's skeleton, and that did it in the rest of the way. Another loss was a pink frogspawn, it was very clear and very pink{not natural} I thought it was so pretty. But it was just bleached. And a green goniopora{stokesi} about the best you can get from them is a little over a year before they decline and die. I did'nt have a clue then.Most other things that were removed were given away, traded for stuff, or sold. Or...some things were moved to my 65, like my torches, some leathers, hammer, a different frogspawn. That tank is all LPS , leathers,and softys, with alot of PC's for lighting and semi-aggressive fish for the most part.


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I see that 1 little clue that tells me you know what you're doin, theres sponges growing on your equipment in the back. Nice tank.