My Little Baby - 46 Bowfront Build


So about 2+ years I tore my tank apart because I didn't have time to take care of it. Now that I've graduated, I decided to start this bad boy back up.
46 Gal Bowfront
10Gal sump
45 Lbs BR, 20 Lbs LR
20 Lbs Aragonite Sand
Metal Halides
Homemade Overflow box
I've been cycling for about 2 weeks and I plan on going reef. I'm not totally pleased with the aquascaping, so that will likely change. A heads up, this will likely be a slow build until I find a job.

I just realized how similar I made my thread title to PhillyBoi's. Sorry man, didn't mean to steal your thunder


That's kool looking forward to your build not to many have a 46 gallon bowfront on this site..