My midnight angle fish died


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So, the other day my midnight angle fish died suddenly and I can't seem to figure out why. I got him about 2 months ago along with a Valentini puffer, the puffer, and all the other fish in my tank are fine. He had been eating really well, just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or if anyone has an idea as to why he died.



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The tank is an innovative marine 30 gallon (rectangle)
Water levels are all normal
There are two juvenile clowns, two cardinals, a valentini puffer, and a blue-green chromis.
The tank is almost 4 years old.


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That is a lot of fish for a 30 gallon. Dwarf angels need more space, 70 gal min. Unless you’ve added additional fish since the angel, it is probably a result of aggression. When fish don’t have enough space to claim as their territory they get stressed out and attack their tank mates. The attacks cause more stress especially on shier fish. The chromis is a damsel which is a very aggressive type of fish. Two clowns will claim all of a 30 gallon as their territory and it will get worse as they get older. they too can become quite aggressive. Midnight angels are on the shy side so they would be susceptible to stress more than some other species. Things can go on fine for a long time then bam the aggression starts and some fish just don’t do well in that situation.


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Yeah that could be what happened, but the chromis damsel is still super small, and the most aggressive out of all the fish in my tank was the midnight angel. But, it could have been a space issue.
Thanks for the feedback.