My NC12DX setup and running, with pics!


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Originally Posted by gregzbobo
1) the surface skimmer is available seperately from at least 3 makers, including jacksdad on this forum
2)I don't use the foam, it can become a nitrate factory.
3) I put the heater in a 5 gallon bucket of water with a thermometer in it and plugged it in and adjusted it till the thermometer read what temperature I wanted. (always a good idea to do this with ANY new heater, better to overheat plain water than expensive fish and corals)

what replaces the foam? ***)


Actually, I don't run any foam in my tank except during a waterchange to catch any stirred up stuff. Foam tends to catch organics and turn into a nitrate factory if left in the tank fulltime. My only exception to this is I'll run foam in the tank for about 4 days a month to boost my 'pod population, for some reason they like to breed in it.


Been a while since I posted any updates on my tank. Have made some changes, and gotten a few more corals, and more changes VERY soon to come.
Equipment list:
MJ900 replaces stock return pump
K-Nano for circulation
aftermarket surface skimmer (older 'cubes did not come with one)
50w Stealth heater
Chemi-pure Elite
pillowstuffing for floss
Coralife thermometer
electric blue CCFL intended for computers as a moonlight
Hydor Flo (trying with stock duckbill right now, have had flow issues with mushrooms, especially the green ones)
Future equipment/mods:
LED retro (ordered, should arrive within a week or two)
stripping of black vinyl from rear of center chamber to allow use of a DIY CFL fuge light.
Possible ATO (might not need if the LED allows me to run with hood fully closed year round, I run partly open especially in summer because of heat)
Livestock list:
1 firefish
several nass. snails
4 florida cerith snails
various hitch-hiker worms, amphipods, and copepods.
blue-spotted red mushrooms
neon green mushrooms
single ric thats sort of a bluish purplish greenish color
small mat of GSP
2 rocks of commonish zoas
neon green trumpet (3 heads, eating like a pig once a week)
Also have some chaeto in the display till I get the fuge mod set up.
Future livestock (not set in stone so far):
Scarlet cleaner shrimp
2 tiny hermits (maybe)
Nerite snails (maybe, tend to crawl outta tank)
I may order some micro-stars from a certain site, I like diversity in my CUC's.
Stomatella snails if I can find some, had a minor crash middle of '07, lost most of my snails including those.
I MAY try a crocea clam, will have to see how the SPS do under the LED lighting first.
Monti. capricornis (green or orange)
small plate coral (green if I can find one)
pink Birdsnest
green Slimer
more zoas
more rics
orange yumi (if I can find one that I don't have to sell my soul for)
various others that I've not really thought about yet.

Recent FTS.

New fish. (Purple Firefish took a peek in the overflow chamber and I thought he'd hid under a rock, found him dead a few days later). Bought at deathco.

Neon green trumpets also from deathco, doing VERY well (pic taken the day it was acquired, it opens better and is larger now) in the 3 weeks I've had it and eating like a hog every week.
One of these days I'm gonna try to brush up on my camera skills, I have a decent P&S Canon, but it doesn't macro worth a darn, and getting the coloring just right is a pain and I can never remember the right settings to do it again a week later.
I hope to upgrade to a BC29/JBJ28/Solana in February if funds allow, and possibly turn this tank into a frag/grow-out tank.
I also recently (10/15/2009) setup a JBJ Picotope, but thats for another thread.



Bambam zoas. Slow growers, but getting better since I shaded them.

Mixed zoa rock.

NEON green mushrooms.

Dunno if these are named, but I call 'em pinkys.

I think these are radiactive dragon eyes? Started as 3 polyps on that rock some months ago, now more like 12-13.

Watermelons, with some other color morph on the same rock.

Orange Digitata. I hate those plastic plugs, but I'll get over it, and I'll probably move it Monday, as its behind-above-and left of my flowerpetal cap, don't want them growing into each other.
I took all these with my iPhone, seems to actually turn out better than my point and shoot Canon, go figure.

A tank shot snapped on January 31st with my Canon POS I mean P&S. All the rest were taken February 13th.

I took this FTS pic 5 minutes after I turned 35 on the 15th.

Taken 10 minutes after my 35th. Tyree Flowerpetal.



Almost forgot a pic of my birthday toy.
Also just wanted to do a comparison of growth on my monti. cap. Here it is a day or so or so after I got it in early January:

Here it is now:

Not bad for 40 days I think. One can really see it in how its starting to scroll there at the edge that's pointing in on itself. Looks like 54watts of high-power LEDs WILL grow SPS corals in an NC12 AIO tank.


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which canon model do you have? i can guarantee you its not a pos, it just needs some tlc :] looks great with leds!