My New Baby Blue Blenny


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I sorry for changing your conversation but i have some questions. I really dont know that much about salt water aquariums. I am interested in buying one. What do i need to do up sett a tank for salt water fish? what would i need to buy? :help: :help: How much mony would it cost for a medium sized tank, a few fish and every thing else to make the water safe for salt water fish?


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Promise, that is an awesome looking fish! You always find such unique looking fish.
Angel, this is not the place to ask about setting up a tank. It is always more polite to start your own thread and not take someone else's.


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It's okay. I am just letting you know so you know for next time. You click on the board you want to post it on, and then click "New Thread".


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Thanks everyone. My Rainsford's goby really likes him too. He has been hanging out with him. It's so cute to watch them picking at the rocks together.
Lion-crazz..I do like the unusual ones.'s ok. I answered your thread with some ideas..good luck, it's a great hobby! :happyfish


thats a very pretty fish.. Im looking for a nice blennie but I cant decide on one!