My new pico!


Hi all,
I recently acquired a ~2.5g tank. It's been fully running for about 1.5wks. As you will see I've put a good amount of work already into the tank and have modded the crap out of it. I'm running the coralife 2x9w PC's 1-10k, 1-Actnic. I also retrofitted 3 leds to the unit as well. I also have an air pressurized ATO and a modded AC filter as a hob fuge. Right now I just took a FTS so you can get an idea of the tank. Please excuse the quality of the pics, I took them with my computer. If you'd like to see more pics of anything or want to know more details about anything just let me know. Thats all for now.

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do an invert tank. Sexy shrimp, pom pom crab, bumblebee shrimp etc.... Those are very neat. I would think most mantis's would get too large for that tank. And buying a particular species is near impossible, so probably anything you get will outgrow it.
VERY nice tank though, at first glance i thought it was a 40 gallon hex! haha, so nice job


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Hey have a question for you. Is that one of those 2 gal hexagons that came with an undergravel filter and a lid with 7 watt bulb in it??
Anyhow, question for you regarding your light, I have the same light fixture and would like to know how you mounted it on that hexagon?? Did you use the plastic legs one can buy??
Would love to see a full tank shot including the light on it, looks good so far.
Here is my little 1 gal pico, I just love it and find it so easy to take care of.


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Originally Posted by shiby1510
I was thinking of filling it with a lot of rics but I'm also looking for suggestions for this and even where to place all of them. Additionally, I will need a nice centerpiece if anyone has suggestions.
Yes, packed full of different colored rics and they are easy to care for. If you need any I know where you can get some. he, he.


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Hey Flricordia, in my pic above your posting can you tell me from the photo if my orange ric to the left is a Florida??
I know the one at the front right is a Yuma for sure, I need to take an update picture of the tank as that Yuma sure has grown and the orange one had grown a tiny bit more but is very slow.


I had a mantis (about 2 inches long) in a 5g Marine Land hex tank with the standard filtration (swapped the carbon out for purigen) for about 2 years so its definetly doable!
Something I found though is that if you do not give your mantis adequate rock rubble for building supplies, he will take your frags and use them instead to make his burrow...