my new sps frags


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well i traded some frags with a friend around the block from me he has a 265G sps tank but he has all named or LE corals in it... he was nice enought to trade me for some of my corals
take a look at what i got some are really nice pieces
i got the following from him:

pink jade
steve elias blue stag
purple loiseta stag
green with baby blue tyree cap
idaho grape cap
blue matrix
some other random stag frag thats named but i didnt remember
and a nice dark blue gomezi frag (not in picture already mounted)
i think i got hooked up nicely considering the blue matrix goes for $100 a frag and is hard to find


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Show off! jk. Really nice pieces, I'm sure they will all grow out nice for you, you definitely have the touch.



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hahaha yeah i will work for frags too lol
well i put them in areas i made room for them just in between other corals moved some things around to make a lil room for these new guys...
they are all mounted and lookin good so far nice dark colors on them for sure