My Newest Aquascape (let me know what you think)


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I've started re-arranging the aquascape in my new 29 gallon finally. If you didn't see my other posts, this is a tank that has been established for 4 years and needed a lot of work....
This was it the day I got it home:

I've started the process of relocating mushrooms which meant moving almost 20 of them into my Nano12 to free up some space. It also meant scraping them off the powerheads and internal pumps. I also had to rebuilt the internal pumps cause the previous owner placed them in the bottom of the tank and they had sucked in a lot of sand. I then placed them more near the top of the tank and wrapped the outside intake with filter floss to stop anything from getting in again.
Next I was able to rearrange the rocks swapping a few of my nicer new pieces from my nano12. There is just a TON of rock in this tank so the aquascaping was a little tough but I think i like the way it's turned out. Lots of swim through caves and a nice place in the back for the fishes to hide if they just don't want to be seen.
Right now the only inhabitants are two peppermint shrimp, 5 Turbo Snails, and a 4 year old Maroon Clownfish. There is still a ton of algae everywhere so if anything catches your eyes as bad let me know what to get rid of ASAP! Im still working on cleaning the back wall right now but that's the next project after relocating more mushrooms elsewhere.
Anyway, here's some new pics! Enjoy and let me know what you think!
New Aquascape:


New Nice Rock:


Green Striped Mushroom Bloom:

Lil' Peppermint:


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Wow.... I've never seen that many mushrooms before.
And that's saying something, because I've been playing Mario all day

Excellent job on the new set-up


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Yeah, sooooo many mushrooms. This is only 1/2 of what was originally in there. I think the previous owner just let them run wild in there, which is cool but there was too much. I'm going to work on getting some more coral next and setting it up even better.
Thank you for looking!


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Originally Posted by Reef Diver
Sell/ trade a few, Ill trade!!!
reef diver said, frag/sell/trade. you got a lot to work with.