my parameters


ph 8.0
ammonia .25
nitrite 0 ppm
nitrate 20 ppm
calcium 400
salt 1.025
phosphate .5
alk 2.86
kh 8.0
what is the ideal for all these in a reef? why will my nitrate not go down to 0
why would i have a .25 ammonia if nothing has died?
I have a 100gal 175lbs live rock about 75lbs live sand about a 20gal sump with a skimmer live rock rubble and chemi-pure.
i am running 2x250 mh and 4x55 blue actinic pcs


A tank running that long should have no ammonia. Your nitrates will come up if you don't do water-changes often enough. What test's are you using to measure these readings? Try a different test and see if you get the same readings. Are you using RO/DI water when you do your changes? The ammonia may be coming from there.


Ammonia, nitrates and phosphates are too high.
Calcium, Alk. and kh are a little low.
How many fish are in the tank?
How much do you feed? and how often?
How much flow do you have?
What else do you add to the tank?
How often and how big of water changes do you do?