my sad tank story :(

hey guys....
some of you may remember my 24g aquapod reef setup. well in the last few moths i have moved to Colorado and my tank was in virginia with my dad. unfortinitly, $500 worth of aqutic life down the toilet. I have lost a large pair of mated maroon clows, large colt coral, large bubble coral, live rock, live sand, and 2 shrimp. evrything alive, was lost. the likly cause was a malfuctionad heater. i have heard of people loosing there tanks do to heaters malfunctioning and never thought it would never happend to me. My dad is sending the salvigable equipmint to me and i will be starting it up again later. I will keep posted about it.
I also have a confession:
I am Blackjacktang


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This is rocketjockey. all my future threads will be by this account. I made a second account because I wanted another for a whole nother tank (my 24g aquapod) and my this account for my old 60g tank. But i figured out i should just use 1 account for all my tanks. you may now adress me as blackjacktang.


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Wow, sorry to hear that. What makes you think it was a heater malfunction if I may ask?


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It's always a bummer to hear about something like this. I recently lost my tangs due to accidentally overdosing with ich medication (my fault). But a heater malfunction, how do you guard against something like that? Sad day indeed. My condolences.


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i had that same problem, ive had my 24 aquapod for years and i brought some shrimp home, the lights were off already so i didnt notice anything wrong till 15 min later i went to add water to the shrimp and he was already dead, all that was left was a rock of fire and ice zoas, a brittle star and a pistol shrimp that i thought was dead. a few days later it shed and was ok
thankfully i had another reef tank to throw everything into
needless to say it was a very bad day, but that leaves room to do it bigger and better lol


Sorry for your loss Blackjacktang...
I had the same problem with my tank. Major heater malfunction killed my fimbriated moray eel... not only was this fish expensive at my LFS but it was a beautiful animal... I had it for a long time and it was getting big very fast. Not anywhere near 500 but it hurts to loose fish and live stock like that.