my skimmer isnt doing anything...


ok, we have a rio nano skimmer and it doesnt actually get any bubbles or anything. It is still taking in water and dumping it out back into the tank much like a regular filter does but isnt a skimmer supposed to do something? There is an actual catch section where it looks like something would accumulate but nothing ever does..


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How long has it been running? My skimmer (100ssoct HOB) did not do any bubbles for 3 days and then slowly started skimming. It took almost 2 weeks before it really started pulling stuff out.
Are you leaving it on 24/7 or shutting it off at night or visa versa?
Does your skimmer have a collection cup that raises and lowers? If so, you might have it too high. I started mine out low and raised it once it was kicking in


If there are no bubbles, do you have an airline run from the pump to outside of the water to suck in air? Just a thought. Or sometimes, if that line falls in the water it can take a while for air to run through it again. Or worse yet, it can get stopped up with dry salt.
It should bubble in the body of the skimmer and a foam will rise up to the collection cup & spill over. At least, on the kind of skimmer I have that's how it works. I think there are several different kinds, so someone else may need to answer depending on the kind of skimmer you have. I don't know anything about the rio nano specifically.
My pump quit working for a couple weeks... I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Finally it stopped all together. I took it apart and there was a cerith snail shell jammed in the impeller. No idea how it got there... but I ran it in a vinegar water mix for an hour or so and it's running better now than it has since I got it. I can't believe the crap it's sucking out.


hmm.. there is no tube running to the outside as far as i know. It came with horrible directions too. I do leave it running full time, it does have what you explained (the collection cup where it should come up the tube and spill into the cup) but a gain it hasnt done that yet. the tank has been up and running since the 2ncd of this month, so were at almost 4wks. There is what looks like brown staining inside the tube the yuckiness would come up through but no real waste has collected at all. The collection cup is pressed all the way into the unit.
thats the one we have.. i know your not supposed to post competitors but its the only way i can share what it is.We do have two of them but were told it wasnt ness.
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