My tank set up, opinions much appreciated -- 50g FOWLR


Ok, I've posted a few times before about my set up and eventual stock list, this post is an outline of all my equipment and again, my eventual stock list (which is of course up for revisions).
So without further ado...
The Set up

50 gallon tank
60 lbs of aragonite (to get approx. 3" of substrate)
Live rock (from the LFS, this stuffs gorgeous)
Base rock for aquascaping (I have 50lbs avail, might not use that all)
Nova Extreme HO Light Fixture - 2 x 39W - 36 in. 1x 460nm actinic & 1x 10k HO T5
Coralife Super Skimmer (65g model)
2x Jager 150w water heater
2x Marineland Power Head 660
Marineland Emperor Bio-Wheel 400 Power Filter
Stock list

This is a pretty decent list. I will take 1-2 fish off because I do not want to overstock. This list covers all of my wants and I have a few combinations I like better then others but this is the full stock list... no edits made so far but again, not all of these fish will go into the tank.
x1Percula Clown (I may get a pair and cut out another fish in its place)
x1Yasha Hase Goby (to go w/Randall's Pistol Shrimp)
x1Basslet (Royal Gramma) - One of my students is leaving for college and I am taking this fish from him
x1Flame Angel (dwarf) -- (or Pygmy Cherub Angel or midnight angel)
x2Banggai Cardinal (marine depot suggests keeping them in pairs)
x1 Gold spotted goby (this is another potential fish from my student, if this one comes w/ another fish will go off the list)
x1Fire Shrimp
x1Randall's Pistol Shrimp (to go w/Yasha Hase Goby)
Varied Snails
Varied Hermits
Might get a star fish down the road - added much later down the road (probably well over 1 year after the tank is started)
Anamone - will not be added until much later
The stock is basically 5 fish. If I pair the clowns I will probably remove the banggai cardinals. If the students two fish come then I will also remove something to make sure it is not overstocked.
I will definitely allow the tank to cycle for the required time. I am in no rush and am very patient. The fish will be introduced in a logical order, least aggressive first, most aggressive last.
So... what does everyone think? I have all the equipment and will begin cycling soon (pictures will then follow). Suggestions are very much appreciated as nothing is written in stone.


I would drop the cardinals if you are going with the angel.
Cardinals are passive and if the angel is territorial he may pick the other smaller fish too much.
Every fish is it's own personality. Everything can go well then one day you could have a royal rumble.
Also, be wary of putting gobies together. Some species will fight. I have a diamond and a bullet goby doing pretty well, but I've also heard that some species won't mix.


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Recommend a sump system - you can get an hang on overflow and a sump capable of about 20 gallons - that'll allow you more live stock and stablize the system.