My Tank!


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Interesting Look For Your Tank

Id say...
did you just keep fragging the corals and replanting them? id say you are a fan of purple.. yes?


This picture was taken 1 year ago and you should see it now, there’s not one inch of the sides and back that are not covered in it. I did not have to frag out ay thing but I have had to cut it off the walls of the tank and sell it to my fish store. If I leave the tank be it takes about one month for the front glass to get covered in it as well. And yes I am a big fan of purple! And here is the kicker, it’s a 10 gal!!


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WOW. that is a crazy tank (as in good) how fast did those xenias reporduce? i just got this rock from my lfs and it has about 10 pulsing xenias on it. there are every little and i want more. and i dont want to go through the trouble of fragging since im still a newbie