names of animals that will eat many alages


My 40g aquarium has green hair, red and green slime, and bubble alage so what animal(s) will eat all of this with out harming my 2 blue damsals, 6 lined wrasse, and 2 percula clowns (don't recomend anymore fish)


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Can't suggest one critter that will defeat all but maybe 3. Sea hare, turbo snails and an emerald crab. Do some research on all the above. I have heard that sea hares becomes starved quickly. I know a group of people that swap this invert. Each keep the sea hare for a month at a time.


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Nothing will eat red and green slime. Theyre two different strains of cyanobacteria, and those can only be defeated by treating the source. Theres tons of threads on here about it. Search cyano or red slime algae.


You should really find out what the source for these algaes are. More than likely no matter the size of the clean up crew, the problem will reoccur. What are your parameters like? Are you using RODI water?