natural protien skimmer

salty tank

My return hose in my sump is making a lot of foam bubbles that look and smell like the ones in my protien skimmer. It is because of the baffle that is next to the hose and somehow the water rushing into my sump and into the baffle makes bubbles. Its cook except like once a week now i have to take my shop vac and suck all that crap out. I added red slime remover and the bubbles went nuts in my "natural PS"


Sounds like you have somewhat of a nutrient problem. With those natural bubbles pulling out DOC's from the water, but yet they are still in the water column and renter the system until you vac them out. But then it happens all over again.
My suggestion is to re examine your overflow system and perhaps make some changes, so that you don't rob your protein skimmer of that bad water so it can pull those DOC's out. Might also check your feeding habits, water flow/ turover rate, and your natural filtration. That slime remover doesn't really remove anything, just masks the problem. If your having cyanobacteria then you need to find the root of the problem.