NC Reefers! Corals for trade/sale


NC Reefers attention!
I have 2 awesome torch corals, one hammer coral, one red brain, one rock covered with leather and tons of mushroom, zoo's & polyps. They all have been cultivated in my tank except for the brain & hammer. I am selling b/c I just don't have enough space any more in my 72 gl.
Email me at oceanjumper at if interested. I can send digital pictures. Marc


sorry maybe i confuse u whit other guy i don't know if u tell me 300 o it was other fella let me know about the price


Thanks for the repsonses guys. I have send emails & pix to each of you.
Ccamaleon, I am not sure if we talked unless your name is Juan.
Email me at oceanjumper at if interested.
Nevertheless, let me emphasize I do not need to make any money on it. I prefer a serious reefer who can pick it up in NC. I can always sell them at the LFS.... but you know how we think about those...


sent you a email back hope we can work something out i am in nc and planning on being out that way in the next week or so.thanks


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i talked to my dad about the corals and i dont think im gonna be able to buy any at the moment. thanks anyways.