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Fall 2004 Frag Fall Event
Sunday October 24th, 2004
Hegins Fire Co.
720 E. Chestnut St.
Hegins, PA 17938
Event Schedule (12:00pm to 5:00pm)
* Frag Swap: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
* Speaker: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
* Raffle: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
NCPARS Members - Free
Non-Members - $10
$15 for an entire household.
You will able to sign-up for membership at the event.
Cost Includes:
.Unlimited Frag Trading/Selling/Buying
·Attendance to Seminar with Professor Sanjay Joshi
·Free Food and drinks
·Door Prize drawing
Professor Sanjay Joshi
Dr. Sanjay Joshi is a professor at PSU and a frequent speaker at Reef Keeping related events.
Who is NCPARS?
NCPARS stands for North Central PA Aquarium Reef Society. We are a PA-based educational society of members who are reef-keeping hobbyists like you. We hold several frag swap events a year that are open to the general public.
What is a Frag Swap Event?
Reef hobbyists from all over Pennsylvania and neighboring states get together to buy, sell, and trade frags and other reef related items. We also have demonstrations, speakers, raffles, and local vendors on hand to sell their products.
What is a Frag?
Frag is short for “Fragment”. It represents a small piece of coral that is broken off, cut, or removed from a thriving colony from another reef keeping hobbyist’s aquarium. Frags vary in size depending on the type of coral, rarity and the individual selling the item.
Why Trade Frags?
By trading/purchasing frags, you’re getting a coral that has thrived in captivity and has reproduced in its captive environment. Many corals purchased from local stores (unless otherwise specified) are taken straight from the reef. These corals may or may not survive in a captive environment. The time it takes to ship, as well as the varied conditions of different home reefs, makes it difficult to determine if a specimen will survive. Plus, many collected specimens never survive the transport and over-farming can result in damaging the reefs of the world. Another advantage of frag trading is that it affords you access to a more diverse variety of specimens and allows you to watch them grow. It is also a way to keep those rare specimens alive if your tank should suffer an unfortunate loss.
What If I Have Nothing To Trade?
All the more reason to attend! You do not need to have anything to offer to participate in our events. You can buy frags or other items from other trading participants, or just come to meet fellow reefers in your area. We also have a speaker at this trade, which is free with your price of admission.
What If I Want to Attend?
NCPARS has a web site at . We also use the services of to allow users to list items that they have to trade, as well as allow other users to request items to be reserved for them at the swap. If you would like to attend the event (even if you don’t plan on buying, selling or trading), please register at . You will need to register on the site first, then locate NCPARS in the “Organizations” section and access the event. It is free to register and list your items for the event on . In addition to listing corals, you may also list or buy fish, invertebrates or other new or used equipment related to reef keeping.
if it doesnt belong here please tell me where to put it
thanks Ron


Originally posted by sixpackrt
if it doesnt belong here please tell me where to put it
thanks Ron
More people interested in this might look in the
"Corals & Trading" forum... It is specifically for reef club announcements.:)


i live in southern jersey about 25 minutes from phila. I'm putting together my first reef tank, do you think that this would be a good event for my to attended?