Need 3 beginner fish selections


35 gallon, 40 pounds LR. LS, Millen1000, Prizm skimmer, 3 pep shrimp, CB shrimp, 2 small Horseshoe crabs, 1 anemone crab. various hermits (10), snails (8). I developed ich badlly when first introducing fish about 1 month ago. So I finally took the fish out, actually only 1 survived. Best course of action was fish free tank for 30 days to clear out ich.
The day for introducing a fish again is 15 Sep. I would like 3 beginner fish to put in one fish at a time. I know have a quarantine tank and need to put in a fish now to keep it until the 15th. I was thinking of a yellow tail damsel, a chromis?, a clown?, although the first clown died of fungus and ich combined. Any suggestion for 3 to 4 very easy colorful fish would be appreciated. Thanks.:D


Royal gramma. Anytype of clown, If you are only getting one i would get the gold stripped maroon clown. If you want a pair then i like the false percs, and the clarkii clowns. Firefish either color. Maybe a yellow coris. Watchman gobies have lots of personality.

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Well... a pair of Banggai Cardinalfish of course :D Followed by A Royal Gramma, Clown Goby, or Barnacle Blenny.
Am I the only guy that has had terrible luck with royal gammas? Have have sent to to a better place due to ich. My choice would be a clown, Maybe a Clarki or other variety rather than the percula.


If my tank has been fish free since August 15th, after ich outbreak, should I add something now fish wise, or wait another week or so.
Also, how long would I keep a fish in hosp tank. And only one at a time??


Phish man wait! If yu don't give it a full 30 days you don't give the ich parasite a chance to complete it's life cycle and die off, therefore risking possible re-infection! An in a 35 no "Coris" wrasses they all get too big!


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I agree, let the tank sit for at least 4 weeks, or better 5 weeks.
As far as fish go, how about a false perc(or a pair of percs), six line wrasse and a royal gramma. I have all these fish in my 45g along with a coral beauty, I wouldn't change a thing. :D