need a little help

i need to hook up my chiller to my bio-cube. I don't really want to add another pump to the back.
can I hook the chiller to the return pump, run the water thru the chiller and hook the return to the return whole on the bio-cube. the pump is 265gph


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Far as I know, and I have two chillers...All the chiller needs to work, is have water flow through it, it won't matter how you get that to happen. You can use a canister filter, a separate pump, or any other means to get water from the tank to pass through the chiller, and back to the tank.
ya I know that, ive had this chiller on my seahorse tank, just not sure if I want to try and hook it to the return pump of my bio-cube or if the pump would ne strong enough


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Stock pump is about 240 gph. Is that enough to supply your chiller and have it return to the tank?
ok that's what I figured - I have a maxi jet I can use or the chiller - now to see if I can figure out if I can split the return from inside the back - already have it split in the tank
wish it had two return wholes lol


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Why split it? Why not just send it in total to the chiller and have the chiller output back to the tank?
that's what I originally thought but not sure the pump is big enough or what size pump would be needed
I think I will give it a try since I don't want to add a second pump

I guess ill play it by ear lol and if its not enough ill get a bigger pump


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Maybe you could place the chiller high enough, on a stand maybe, that the pump would not need to have much head height it could work.