Need answer today please on lights for 210.


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Ordered a 210 gallon for a dental office. Have not ordered lights yet. Need to make a decision. Full reef tank, fish and LR, Soft Corals.
3 - 175 watt Halides with 2 96 watt actinics.
6 bulb Fluorescent - 2-10k, 2 Actinic,and 2-50 50's - all 96 watt.
Personally I want a "softer" look so I am lenaing towards all fluorescent.
Anyone else have a different choice or preference?


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Google "Par buster Iwasaki" and read about the 15k 175w bulbs. That may convince you to go with the MH.


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You're going to want at least 250w halide bulbs IMO. 400w would be better, since 210s are pretty deep tanks.
The PC choice you listed wouldn't allow you to keep much.


Well, you're only growing softies. You can get away with PC but MH is so much better that it's not even a real comparison. It would've been different if you compared MH to T5. At least then there would be more of a debate. If you got the budget and can tolerate the heat of MH, get the MH. They look a lot better in my opinion.


I personally have the constellation t-5 fixture for my 210 gallon tank and i LOVE it... it is truely an awesome light.. Dont have to worry about heat, and can keep sps, lps, and softies... I am keeping softies and lps mainly so i would highly recommend this fixture


The only thing I don't really like about T5 is there is no shimmer effect. The light is nice and crisp but I like shadows, etc. Heat is much better than MH and even PC. Bulbs a lot cheaper too compared to MH.


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Hey Doodle
I would suggest the Current outer orbit 72" unit with T5's and 250HQI's. The 150HQI are also a good buy. My friend has the 250W unit on his 215 and WOW it looks great.
I use the coralife 72" 150HQI and actinics unit for 3 years with no issues. I have all sorts of light hungary corals
Good luck.


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Originally Posted by GatorWPB
Google "Par buster Iwasaki" and read about the 15k 175w bulbs. That may convince you to go with the MH.
no doubt , i have one and it makes my 250w look like a punk.