need feedback


I found a new (?) product advertised on the web. I am looking for anyone who may have had experience with this device to offer feedback. I don't think I'm allowed to write the product name, but here are a few of the claims it makes:
All-natural, non-intrusive
Uses specific polarity and far infrared technology; using bio-ceramic elements and ionizing passing water.
Use of this product claims to reduce water changes by up to 75%
Also frees up increased oxygen for use by tank life
Produces visible results within first 3 days of use
Sealed system last for 10+ years without cleaning or replacing of parts.
Fits within the hood of Eclipse systems.
Anyone? I could really use feedback on this item as it sounds great to me and I'm thinking of investing in one. BTW, they're not very expensive; around $50.


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Sounds like snake oil. To my knowledge there hasnt been a single product that can be proven to do that much to your water where you only have to do 25% of the water changes that you would normally do.


True, but I'm wondering if it isn't worth a try for $50. They offer a 180-day money back guarantee.....??? Even if it reduces tank maintenance by only30% that's still an improvement.